Winter Sailing

The Club also conducts sailing races over the May – August period, open to both dinghies and yachts.

We take an opportunity to make further use of the Club’s facilities and the waterway on which it is located year-round, by way of holding a series of six friendly handicap races.

Yachts compete for the Marine Watch Middle Harbour Trophy.

Dinghies will be accommodated, and a series prize awarded if there are sufficient regular starters. As in previous years the club will not be supplying any manned rescue craft.

The proposed dates for 2018 are:

Sunday 6th and 27th May, 17th June, 8th and 22nd July, and 19th August.

Handicap start commencing from 11:40am

Racing Results and Handicaps:

Click here for the 2018 Winter Racing Results and Handicaps

Eligibility to race:

(a) All boats registered with NSC for the preceding summer season are eligible to compete with no further fees payable.
(b) Any NSC registered member is entitled to enter an “Eligible Yacht’ with payment of$15.00 per race or $65.00 for all races.
(c) Non NSC members are invited (acceptance at the discretion ofNSC) to enter an “Eligible Yacht” with payment of $20.00 per race or $85.00 for an races, subject to the skipper and crew (see below) being members of another Yachting NSW sailing club and/or current individual members of Yachting Australia, NSW.

“Eligible Yacht” means a boat covered by a current insurance policy with at least Third Party Property & Personal Injury Liability cover. It will be considered a Category 7 Event for yachts.

Skippers/owners who are not members of another Yachting NSW sailing club can apply to become “Winter Members” of Northbridge Sailing Club.  Winter Members will have an entitlement to sail in the Winter Series and limited club membership rights.  This is because NSC is sanctioned only to host races for members of Yachting Australia, NSW.

Winter Membership is available at $100 that includes, $65 that NSC must remit to YA for membership. Adding $65 to that makes total of $165

Contact :

John Smidmore 
0417 325 072.

Winter 2018 documentation

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions
Entry Form

Winter 2018 Racing Results and Handicaps

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