Northbridge Sailing Club is run by volunteers.

While the club thrives on the every day participation of enthusiastic members there is a backbone of formal tasks to ensure sailing days run smoothly.

Club members (or their parents) are expected to participate in one of each duty during each season.


Officer of the Day (OOD) and Assistant OOD

The OOD position is a all day position.   The OOD manages the club during the racing day and, among other things, ensures club boats, radios and other equipment is made ready for use in the morning.   Boats are refuelled and racing marks are laid during the day and all equipment is cleaned and stored at the end of the day. As the role involved driving the larger club boats a NSW Boat Licence is required.

If the AOOD requests, the OOD is also responsible for signing off trips by the AOODs in their RMS logbook, including the checklist tasks set for boat-licencing.

The OOD is expected to arrive at 8.30am and finish at about 5.00pm.    The Morning Assistant OOD arrives at 8:30am to assist with rescue-boat launching and mark-laying and leaves around 12:30 when all non-needed rescue boats have been packed away and engines flushed. The Afternoon Assistant OOD arrives at 11.30am to assist with laying the afternoon racing marks and then leave when all equipment is packed away at about 5.00pm.

A detailed list of OOD duties can be found here

Canteen Duties

The Canteen runs from about 8.30am until about 2.00pm. It offers a reasonable breakfast and lunch to members as well as selling hot and cold drinks, a variety of bread rolls, pies and sausage rolls, pastries and confectionery.

The canteen is busiest in the mornings, particularly when the Sailing School is running during October, November and December, so the morning crew start at 8 am.

Morning Buyer: On the way to the club the Morning Buyer calls in at Northbridge Shopping Centre and purchases the items on the shopping list from Woolworths. The cost is re-imbursed from the canteen cash so please keep the receipt. You will need to arrive at the Club by 10.00 am to continue your canteen duty for the morning. You are expected to assist with the other canteen duties until closing at 2pm.

A detailed checklist of Canteen Duties and Shopping List can be found here.

Compliance with Roster Commitments

It is your responsibility to ensure you meet your roster commitments.

If, for any reason, your circumstances change it is your responsibility to ensure you swap with another member or provide a substitute to meet your commitments.

There is no Club Officer responsible for re-allocation of roster appointments.

If a member fails to meet his or her roster commitment an event may need to be cancelled without notice.

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