The Legendary Live-in Camp

This season’s camp dates are Mon 22nd to Fri 26th January 2018.

Bookings open now! Click here to book!

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Once you have booked a place, you will receive a welcome e-mail which contains a link to the volunteer roster (see below). You MUST volunteer for sufficient duties (a points system – 10 points per child). Have your diary ready.

The Live-In usually sells out, book early! Preference is given to this season’s learn-to-sail students.

The Live-In started in the early 1970’s.   We’re not sure exactly when because it was probably a fairly modest affair.

It now caters for 70 participants between the ages of 8 and 17, most of whom sleep at the club during the week under adult supervision.   Training is conducted by about 25 volunteer instructors, nearly all of them former camp participants.

Participants are grouped according to age, skill level and boat type.   There are typically 8 groups ranging from near novices to high level racing groups where the kids will be doing advanced racing exercises with high performance expectations.

Kids are on the water much of the day for 5 days and this provides invaluable confidence and experience.

Each group also undertakes theory sessions and sessions on the club’s sailing simulator all set at levels suitable for their age and experience.

Most kids, and all the instructors, sleep at and take all meals at the club (we do have some kids who sleep at home each year). The camp is entirely volunteer run.   Parents are rostered to provide catering and boat lifting labour.

The volunteer roster system is highly evolved.   There is a total of 120 positions, most are providing labour for a session of about 4 hours.   All meal preparation is managed from a detailed menu and shopping list which passes from year to year.

It works pretty well and most parents enjoy their few hours “on deck” with other parents and seeing their kids.   (Most kids are too busy to be interested in their parents.)

Many kids return, year after year.   Instructors have experienced up to about 12 camps by the time they retire, typically in their early to mid twenties.


Daily Menu and Run Sheets

Food Purchase Manual

Daily Shopping List

Overnight Supervision

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