Junior Sailing School

Parents writing about our 2017/18 courses: 

“What lucky kids they are to have such an introduction to sailing!” 

“And kudos the great young instructors. All apprehensions quickly faded away. Stellar job there!”

Thanks again. So happy that you have managed to get my kids hooked on sailing.

“I have a child with ADHD and Autism. He is apprehensive about trying new things with people he doesn’t know. 2 days in…I am picking up a happy boy who is loving the course! A testament to everyone involved, from Andy to the wonderful instructors. I am hoping his love of sailing will continue for years. My husband and I are so happy. Thank you for this great program.”

“We are very proud of his sailing improvement. He is very excited to sail now which is great. A big “thank you” to you and your coaches.”

“My daughter has really enjoyed her introduction to sailing and is very keen to continue sailing.

I think the sailing bug has well and truly bitten!

She was buzzing when I picked her up on Sunday. Kept talking about how much fun she had! I’m sure she learnt something too, but it was so much fun! So glad you put this course on.”

Save on sailing courses!

NSC is now a registered Active Kids provider, and Active Kids vouchers can now be used for NSC courses. This gives you a $100 effective subsidy.

To obtain a voucher, click here! You’ll need a MyService account and your Medicare card. You can then enter the 16-digit code for our courses on checkout.

The 2018/19 NSC Sailing courses 

The 2018/19 Learn-to-Sail programme consists of two intakes, the first of 30 kids sailing in the club Optimist and Pacer dinghies, starting with an intensive all-week course during the October school holidays, the second of 24 kids over 5 Sundays in the club Optimists and Pacers, in November/December, both taught by our talented and enthusiastic teenage/young adult instructors.


The Spring “intensive” intake commences their Level 1 course on Monday 8th October through Friday 12th October (8:30am to 5pm) and then progresses to the Level 2 course held over 5 Sunday mornings from 14th October through 11th November, with the Level 3 Junior Sailing course and Green Fleet the remaining Sunday mornings of the season (to 28th April 2019) – graduating to sailing independence!

The Summer “relaxed” intake Level 1 course is held on 5 consecutive Sunday mornings (8:30am-11:30am) starting 18th November through 16th December; and then leads into our famous January Junior LiveIn with formal sail training re-commencing with the Level 2 course held over 5 Sunday mornings: 3rd February through 10th March 2019; with the Level 3 Junior Sailing course and Green Fleet the remaining Sunday mornings of the season (to 28th April 2019).

All persons undertaking a course must also pay for and hold club membership.

Club membership is currently (including joining fee) $240 for Junior members, $220 for junior siblings, $600 for a family.

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Spring Intake Start Finish   Cost
Level 1 8th October 12th October Daily 8:30am – 5pm  $350
Level 2 14th October 11th November Sunday mornings 8:30-12:30 $300*
Level 3 18th November 16th December Sunday mornings 8:30-12:30 $200*
Green Fleet 6th January   Sunday mornings 8:30-12:30 Incl with Lvl 3
Live In 21st January 25th January   $375~


Summer Intake Start Finish   Cost
Level 1 18th November 16th December Sunday mornings 8:30-12:30 $260
Level 2 3rd February 3rd March Sunday mornings 8:30-12:30 $260*
Level 3 10th March 7th April Sunday mornings 8:30-12:30 $140*
Live In^ 21st January 25th January   $375~
Green Fleet 14th April   Sunday mornings 8:30-12:30 Incl with Lvl 3


~ Second and subsequent siblings $275 each* $100 discount when Level 1 and Level 2 courses are booked together, $130 discount when Level 1, 2 and 3 courses are booked together.

^ Includes usage of club boats during Live In. See here for more details.

In addition, club membership must be taken up and current for all courses (for liability and insurance coverage):

  1 junior 2 juniors Family
Club membership (incl joining fee) $240 $220ea $600

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Learn to Sail Enrolment

Sail Enrolment
The training scheme at Northbridge Sailing Club Sailing School provides sailing dinghy training from beginner to racing. Students should be able to swim confidently (without panic), and want to learn to sail (being pushed into it by parents is invariably an unhappy experience for all).

As a voluntary organisation we offer a program designed primarily for families interested in sailing as a lifetime sport.

Parents enrolling their children need to be aware a boat will become necessary sooner rather than later (by the start of the Level 3 course).  It doesn’t need to cost a lot and it is a really worthwhile Christmas/birthday present; at worst you’ll likely get almost all your money back when the kid is finished with it – the boats hold their resale value quite well. Have a look at our Classes page for boats sailed at NSC, at the boats for sale page, at the club notice-board, and do some web searches to find suitable boats.

Our program is in 4 stages:

  1. Level 1 – run using club boats. Kids share a club PE Optimist (or a Pacer for older kids) in pairs and the group undertakes confidence building exercises on the water near the club. Participants need to supply their own sailing gear including lifejacket. More advanced participants will start sailing independently by the second or third session. Teenagers tend to grasp the concepts and practical skills more quickly than 8 year olds. This is followed by:
  2. Level 2 – 5 Sunday mornings following, run using the club PE Optimist and Pacer boats.  Transition to independent sailing.   This course uses a combination of club boats and boats purchased for young sailors by parents who are confident their child will be keen to continue. This is followed immediately by:
  3. Level 3 – 5 Sunday mornings in their own boat. Transition to independent sailing (typically one-up), understanding the effects of wind and waves, improving techniques all the time. By the end, participants will be able to rig their boats by themselves, sail around a course in an orderly fashion, and cope with all common dinghy situations.
  4. Our legendary annual Live-In Camp – 5 days in January with a structured program of sailing training for all levels of sailor from novice to racing. The majority of club kid sailors and teenagers attend this NSC institution, most wouldn’t miss it for anything.

Graduates then sail on Sunday mornings, starting in the Green (novice) Fleet and eventually into the Open Fleet, all still under the supervision of professional coaches. The emphasis is on improving sailing technique, tuning the boat performance, going faster, and having fun!

Learn to Sail optimist_57_2518278883


There are two courses this year.

The intensive course (October school holidays) is intended for children aged about 8 – 14.   The first course tends to be over-subscribed and places are generally allocated by age, and to those who indicate they will be available for all components of the program.

The second, smaller course is intended primarily for younger kids, 7 – 10 years old. Taught mornings-only, it is more relaxed, however if these kids also attend the Live In they will rapidly become skilled in sailing.

If you are particularly keen to ensure your child is able to take part in a course please apply early.

Applications open after the club Open Day which is held in the last weekend in August each year.


Fleet coaching is conducted every Sunday morning.   The primary objective is to lift the standard of the new sailors at the back end of the fleet by giving them confidence and skills.

Advanced coaching is organised on a class by class basis.  It includes bringing in professional coaches to provide additional insight into the various classes being sailed at the club.

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