Racing Boat Storage

Storage is available for Tasars, Lasers, Flying 11’s, Northbridge Juniors and Optimists at our Northbridge club. Some boats can also be stored on the other side of Middle Harbour at our Seaforth boatshed.

Many members prefer to trailer their boats to the Club each Sunday, and there is always a large number of willing hands to assist in bring the boats from the car park to the deck.

NSC has only limited boat storage facilities.  As a result there are strictly enforced rules regarding allocation of storage for boats at the club.

Enquiries should be addressed to the Racking Officer:

Boat Storage Application Form

2.2.1 Boat bay storage is for club members only.
2.2.2 Racks will only be allocated by the Rack Officer.
2.2.3 In the allocation of bays, priority will normally be according to date of written application to the Rack Officer.
2.2.4 A boat may only be stored in a bay if it is sailed regularly by the owner with the Northbridge Sailing Club.The owner of the boat which fails to start in 50% of the programmed races in each half of the season may be asked to vacate in favour of persons on the waiting list. Sailing training lessons may count in lieu of programmed races.

If you know in advance that you will not be able to sail the required 50% of races, please approach the Rack Hiring Officer to make alternative arrangements during your absence. You may not lend your rack for any period in excess of seven days.

2.2.5 A boat remaining in a rack, after the owner has been asked by the Committee to vacate the rack, may be disposed of in accordance with the Uncollected Goods Act (1995).
2.2.6 Owner:   For the purpose of these rules the Owner is defined as being the member in whose name the rack is allocated. In the case of family membership, the term Owner may include any person properly listed with the Club as being included in that family membership.
2.2.7 When a boat is sold the vendor has no right to transfer the occupancy of the rack.
2.2.8 All moveable gear left stored in the bay must be clearly marked with sail number and stored within the confines of the allocated rack.
2.2.9 Mast, boom, rudder, rudder blade, tiller, centreboard and other gear must be clearly marked with class initials and registered sail number.
2.2.10 Masts must be stored in the mast bay in the allocated racks for that class, excluding Tasars and boats stored at Seaforth.
2.2.11 Skippers (over 12 years old) may be issued with key to their own boat storage area and to mast bay. Any member, who opens a bay other than on official sailing days, has a PERSONAL responsibility to see that the bay is locked before going out sailing and leaving the Club after sailing.  If other members arrive and require access to a bay, the member who opened the bay must hand over to a PARTICULAR MEMBER his PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Club property must not be left outside.
2.2.12 No alterations may be made to any rack without the permission of the Rack Officer.
2.2.13 On vacating a rack the member is to immediately notify the Rack Hiring Officer and Treasurer by email. NOTE: Unless advice is given racks will accrue fees.


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