Optimists East Coast Championships

“It’s not about the boat.”

Opti sailing is about the sailor and their growth in sailing. The Optimist is a relatively cheap introduction dinghy. Click here to read more on the Optimist and why it’s the best intro boat for kids.

This boat is particularly kind to timid learners because it is very stable.More advanced sailors enjoy very competitive sailing at both club and interclub level.There is an excellent class association and associated training programs.

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NSW Optimist Association Website  Contains lots of good Opti “Stuff”.

International Opti Association Website  Opti World Headquarters.

Racing Rules Game Bet you don’t know as many as you think you do!.

Buying Your First Opti  – Handy Hints for Newbies

How to Rig an Opti!   – An Opti Setup Guide

Opti Tuning Guides below are put together by a variety of

sailmakers so their advice pertains particularly to their sail cut. That

said the concepts are very much the same and contain some useful

tips on Opti sailing.

Rob Brewer’s Opti Tuning Guide

North Sails Tuning Guide

Tony Tio Opti Tuning Guide – Quantum Sails

Olimpic Sails Tuning Guide

J – Sails Tuning Guide

Fun Websites of interest to Opti sailors.


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