Flying Eleven

The Flying Eleven is a training/racing skiff sailed by a skipper and a crew with a combined weight of 75 – 100kg. Most young sailors start in the Optimist class, race in the morning at Northbridge and crew in the afternoon in a Flying 11. When they are ready to progress to helming the Flying 11, it’s time for them to get their own boat. FlyingEleven_4_713861395

It is an excellent intermediate boat for young teenagers moving up through their career. There is a well supported association ( and coaches who specialise in Flaying 11’s. Indeed, many of the Olympic Gold Medalists in 2012 and 2016 came through the Flying 11 class.

The F11 National Regattas regularly attract fleets of 90 to 100 boats, State Regattas attracting around 70 to 90 boats split over 2 weekends in November and February each year. There are also other regattas to keep the kids interested.

If you are just learning or want to go to Nationals, the Flying 11 is a great way to enjoy and learn how to sail and race competitively.

2012-2013 Season Events

  • Club Racing
  • Sydney Harbour Championships – Middle Harbour
  • 2012 NSW Youth Championships – Belmont
  • 2012 NSW Sprints – Northbridge
  • 2012 State Championships Round 1 – St George
  • 2012 Australian Championship – Cronulla
  • 2012 State Championships Round 2 – Belmont

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