Northbridge Sailing Club

Located on the protected waters of Sydney’s beautiful Middle Harbour, Northbridge Sailing Club is an important part of the lifestyle for many local families. Children learn to sail in calm water away from the busyness of the main harbour and dinghy sailors of all ages enjoy the competition of regular club sailing.

Members range from laid back to the highly competitive. Ages from 5 to 95. The club races a number of dinghy classes and members compete at all levels. Being a local club means the social aspects of membership are particularly important. Children and teenagers particularly revel in the freedom of the informal club environment where they can hang out with friends. Parents like the fact it is a healthy outdoor environment away from computers and television. Friendships formed on the deck, and traveling to regattas, will last a lifetime.

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Optimists East Coast Championships
NSC Opti Nationals 2014 Sailing

NSC Season Report 14-15


Junior Sailing

All Junior sailors to complete the attached information form.

The History of Northbridge Sailing Club

Call for NSC Historical Material. Nel Bethwaite is producing a history of Northbridge Sailing Club. If members have any photographs of sailing classes such as VSes, VJs, A12s, Moths – old style and foilers, 125s, Flying 11s, Lasers. or of “Phil’s Phollies” – our ballet corps, and other unusual activities. Please contact Michael Chittenden to arrange for them to be delivered to Nel, they will be scanned and promptly returned.



Northbridge Sailing Club Classes

Junior Classes



“It’s not about the boat.” Opti sailing is about the sailor and their growth in sailing. The Optimist is a relatively cheap introduction dinghy. Click here to read more on the

Senior Classes



The International Moth is an eleven foot long, high performance, single handed racing dinghy. We are proud to be one of the few development classes left in the world and have very few design rules



Tasar Start Times: Sep – Nov & Mar – Apr (except Summer Series) – Start 14.05. Dec-Feb (including Summer Series) – Start 14.35. Commodores Cup, All Classes – Heat 1



Laser: The world’s most popular adult & youth racing class. The Laser is a single-handed racing dinghy. The biggest attraction of the Laser dinghy is that is protected by the One Design class



The NS14 is an Australian designed sailing dinghy, intended for competitive family sailing. It has a simple rig, is light enough to be lifted into the water by 3 persons of average strength, requires

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